Melbourne Salami Festa


Melbourne Salami Festa

Calabria, the region of Italy that sits at the toe of Italy’s mainland more than holds its own when it comes to Italian cuisine and it’s contributions are many. But when it comes to salami the word ‘Calabrese’ is a household name in many homes in Melbourne and Australia and of course across the world.

The one ingredient that truly distinguishes a Calabrese salami from other styles is the famous capsicum sauce. Now with the majority of Italian migrants to Australia hailing from Calabria it’s no surprise that many of the salami entered into the Melbourne Salami Festa contains this special ingredient.

Now if you don’t have the good fortune of having Calabrese relations or neighbours who make their own home made capsicum sauce then the recent launch of an Australian owned range of home-style capsicum sauces might just be the secret ingredient you need to making a perfect Calabrese salami.

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